NAGTRW have today learned that they appeal they made to IPCC in August 2017 in regard to discrimination against Gypsies & Travellers has been upheld. IPCC have instructed Humberside Police to reinvestigate the matter


This has been a very long 4 year battle so far originating in August 2013 when a man made a post in the local paper the Grimsby Telegraph suggesting Molotov Cocktails could be used to move a group of Gypsy /Travellers on and appealing for others to join him in this. Although this was reported to Humberside Police at the time they took no action, senior officers became involved in passing on false and deliberately misleading information to myself


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 14.25.01


A Chief Inspector told me that a Vigilante group had formed against the Gypsy /Traveller families, he later denied ever saying this – however officers at the local council had also heard about the vigilante group.


When the man that made the post was identified a senior officer called at my home and told me in detail that the CPS had rejected the case and on what grounds, but the reasons did not stand up to scrutiny and when CPS were approached they denied ever having been involved in such a decision and stated that they had not been handed a file to consider in regard to this case.


There is a great deal of information involved in this case, but the bottom line was my absolute belief that I was being faced with blatant discrimination, since that time I have fought long and hard for justice in this case and to highlight the discrimination faced by the families who were in the area at that time and by myself at the time I was subjected to a vile racist rant from a duty Sgt

On 8th August 2013 – I had every reason to believe that Gypsy /Traveller families staying in the Grimsby area were at serious risk after threats that amounted to death threats were made against them and Humberside Police did nothing at all.

In upholding the appeal IPCC stated

“ I have decided to uphold your appeal. I do not feel that the police have investigated this complaint to its full extent. As a complaint alleging discrimination, I find that the approach has been too narrow looking only at certain aspects of your complaint and not taking into account the important wider issues of discrimination that you raise’

 and continues;

You further point out in your appeal that statements made to the effect that the community did not wish for help [despite your constant requests for help as a representative of that community] is in itself racist. I would argue this also raises concerns that the force should consider about the police response to threats to life, and whether investigating such threats to life should be subject to agreement by the victim.

 I agree your complaint has not been fully addressed. This is disappointing given this is a clear discrimination matter with serious allegations being made of inaction and purposeful failings. I would argue that as a whole the complaint you have made is one of alleged institutionalized racism and should now be considered with that in mind’


While investigating my complaint on both occasions Humberside Police ignored the serious elements of discrimination and of senior officers lying to me and they focused on minor matters. This entire situation has been extremely harrowing – I have no words to describe my anguish when I was reporting these matters and was being constantly fobbed off and lied to when I feared for those families some of whom I have known for many years, and among them some very vulnerable adults and young children.

We now have to wait until the conclusion of the next investigation to see what outcome arises and if the conduct of any officers is passed on to CPS to consider possible criminal charges being brought

We will publish any updates as and when they are available

copyright © 2017 shay clipson NAGTRW

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