Hate Crime against Gypsies & Traveller is “never Acceptable” says Humberside’s Police & Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter.

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Hate Crime against Gypsies & Traveller is “never Acceptable” says Humberside’s Police & Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter.

On Friday 31st March 2017, National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller & Roma Women [ NAGTRW ] had a telephone conference with Humberside’s Police & Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter

We wished to raise the very pressing and worrying issue of Hate Speech that arises from online reporting of unauthorized Gypsy/Traveller encampments by various local newspapers, The nature and style of the reporting sadly encourages this, and equally sadly the newspapers responsible are very slow to moderate their online forums or social media pages.

The nature of many of the comments constitutes a criminal offence, and NAGTRW are keen to report and pursue those individuals whose posts contain threats or offensive racist slurs and insults.

NAGTRW are very pleased to report that PCC Keith Hunter shared our concern and as such has issued the attached press release.

Gypsies and Travellers are a minority people with ethnic status, we have been travelling the roads of UK for over 500 years, we have contributed to the UK economy and continue to do so via our Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, yet we get little back in return.

Hate crime has a very negative and damaging effect on Gypsy and Traveller, but particularly our children and young people – and we must all work towards building bridges between the Gypsy /Traveller and settled community.

I hope PCC Hunters Press Release will have a positive impact and make people think before they make hate filled or threatening posts.

We need site provision and suitable negotiated stopping places – so that we can continue to live our traditional and cultural way of life and do so without the conflict that arises due to lack of provision.

Shay Clipson


One thought on “Hate Crime against Gypsies & Traveller is “never Acceptable” says Humberside’s Police & Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter.

  1. I have been wrestling with educating some ill-informed students about the inappropriateness of their negative language and attitudes towards gypsies, Roma and travellers. I have been using documentary footage and education pack from Show Racism the Red Flag. However, some of my students mistrust media representations (they comment that anyone can look acceptable on TV, citing Jimmy Saville). Whilst I can work on them understanding concepts of race (which brought up a heated debate about race being a social construct) and ethnicity, some of my students’ only connections with the community have been brief and negative (we are in East Kent). I am not aware of any speakers for the gypsy, Roma and traveller communities that would be willing to come into a school to work with students to bridge their gaps in understanding our shared humanity. If I am struggling and have limited success with these students’ attitudes (which presumably indicate attitudes at home), then what hope have we when they grow up and pass on these to their families. The issue came up when we were looking at how Nazis persecuted and exterminated other minorities as well as the Jewish community (as part of a unit on Challenging Injustice). Comments were made in passing about gypsies that motivated me to create further lessons to explore the negative attitudes towards them. Can you offer any contacts of someone who might be willing to visit my school and meet with students?

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