Every Funded Gypsy/Traveller Org in UK – HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME


Every FUNDED Gypsy & Traveller Org or Charity in UK- HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME
Today a young woman said goodbye to her little son for the last time a victim of FORCED ADOPTION. Two other innocent children are also living in the care system. I cannot name them because of a draconian gagging order imposed by the Family Court.
NAGTRW were doing our best for this lady last year, and now a wonderful lady not even from our communities is trying to fight for her.
NOT ONE MISERASBLE GYPSY /TRAVELLER ORG has stepped forward to offer assistance – yet many have very healthy coffers indeed and some have acquired their money because of work around Domestic Violence, and Domestic Violence can result in children being removed from their mother. So a woman endures and survives an abusive relationship – only to find that she is then faced with the ultimate and cruelest abuse of all – that her cherished children are taken, even though the abuser is long gone.
This lady’s children have been taken largely based on her ethnicity, I can vouch for that because I HAVE read the files, this is an innocent woman loosing the most precious and irreplaceable children.

Now you would think that with all the funding that is handed over to the many Organisations that exist to fight discrimination against our peoples that one of these richly funded Orgs would have stepped forward and offered to help – you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is the true and ugly face of discrimination that rips families apart and removes our children from their undesirable Gypsy Traveller Culture and either places them with some nice settled people, or worse still throws them into the failing care system to be abused.

Either way they lose kith and kin and also their culture, their cultural identity and sense of self.

This is what was done to the Native Americans and the Aboriginals – and we throw our hands up in horror, but nobody says a word when it is done today in UK to another Ethnic people, are we less? is our culture less? – does ethnic cleansing not count when it is imposed upon Gypsies and Travellers?

If society at large does not raise its voice, what of those Orgs who set themselves up to fight for our rights – who fill in funding bids to large funders like The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Big Lottery Fund – and tell of the noble fight for our rights – but if they keep taking our children we simply cease to be

I would like to offer some words to these Organisations, and there is no doubt that for casting such aspersions in public I shall be a pariah – but the fact is I do not care – not at all
Please be mindful that when you stage your conferences and seminars when you court and pander to the Lords and Baronesses and show boat yourselves in an effort to claw in even more loot – I will be ever watchful – waiting to tell the truth and shame the devil.

Please do not attempt a lecture on funding criteria and ring fenced funding – I was a Trustee with UKAGW for long enough – I know how it works – but I also know that where theres a willingness theres a way – This is by far more important than taking on a pub for not serving Travellers, however insulting that might be – you can get a few drinks elsewhere- but this poor lady cannot replace her children and her children cannot replace their lost family and siblings and culture.
NAGTRW is NOT funded – we never turn anyone away – not even the ones the big orgs send to us.
This lady is now at risk of being jailed tomorrow for fighting for her children – she still needs a Lawyer so an appeal can be launched to try one last ditch attempt to reunite her with her children.

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