NAGTRW can conform that following comments made by Jeremy Clarkson in regard to Gypsies a report has been made to Police urging them to investigate Clarkson for racist, anti Gypsy comments made on Amazon Primes “The Grand Tour”.

During the broadcast Clarkson said ” we are going to be like Gypsies only the cars we drive are going to be insured’.

NAGTRW request to Police states ,

“Mr Clarkson is fully aware that previous comments that he has made before he was fired from Top Gear have caused a great deal of offence to the Gypsy & Traveller Community – he appears hell bent of causing further offence and this comment is a deliberate act of doing just that. Mr Clarkson is using Amazon Prime as a means of delivering to the public comments that cause offence and alarm to the Gypsy & Traveller community. He is fully aware of what he is doing. Mr Clarkson seems to be motivated by a distain for Gypsy and Traveller and people and a determination to further his career and therefore make money from publicly ridiculing, vilifying and demonising Gypsy and Traveller people in the name of ‘entertainment’

The report continues ..

“Please do not fob this incident off as an ‘incident’ and not a crime – this commentry by clarkson has potential for great harm and he knows this – he even brags that he has more freedom regarding what he can get away with saying since he has moved online. The internet is a PUBLIC SPACE and while Amazon may well give him more leeway – this is still a deliberate verbal attack on Gypsy and Traveller people . We would urge Police and CPS to explore every avenue in regard to this man”