Ministry of Defence Investigate ‘derogatory and racist’ Anti Gypsy Hate Speech by Army Personnel Following Complaint by NAGTRW – warning this post contains offensive content #antigypsyism

NAGTRW can confirm that the ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into what it described as ‘derogatory and racist’ comments that were posted on an ‘unofficial’ Army website.

NAGTRW had made a formal complaint about the commentary to Chief of General Staff General Sir Nick Carter on 4th April 2016. NAGTRW identified numerous highly offensive comments posted over a prolonged period of time. One comment read;


A letter from the Army Secretariat stated that the Chief of General Staff ‘shares your abhorrence at the hateful and upsetting commentary’, but goes on to explain that as the posts are contained on an external site they have no editorial control over it. The letter goes on to say – “nonetheless, as we are aware the site is used by both serving and former serving members, we will investigate whether any of the comments made can be linked to serving members and anybody still in service will be investigated. Appropriate action will be taken if they are deemed to have failed the service test, which measures whether the actions or behaviour of an individual have adversely impacted on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army, as laid out in The Values and Standards of the British Army”


Brigadier John Donnelly, Head Army Personnel Support will write to the website asking them to take down the offensive content and Chief of General Staff went on to say “we would encourage reporting of any items which are deemed to be inciting racial hatred to the civilian police”

NAGTRW had urged the MOD to investigate this matter as it was felt that they were in a better position to identify and deal with those responsible.

NAGTRW are now in the process of drafting a report to the police



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