NAGTRW have made a complaint to the IPCC after Humberside Police have conducted themselves in a manner that;

  1. Demonstrates discrimination toward the Gypsy /Traveller Community
  2. Have conducted themselves in manner that in breach of their Public Sector Duties under the Equality Act 2010

On 2nd April 2016 a group of Gypsy/Travellers were parked up on Central Park in Scunthorpe, and this was reported in the Scunthorpe Telegraph as a ‘1pm update’ on 2nd April 2016, shortly after this Humberside Police sent out a ‘Warning” via the the Scunthorpe

Telegraph – headlined as ‘WARNING: Bogus traders preying on vulnerable & Elderly, Police warn’
Although the Gypsy/Traveller families were not mentioned – it would have been reasonable to assume that the settled community might perceive that this was a reference to those families. Indeed commentary on the Scunthorpe Telegraph Facebook page indicated that this was how this ‘warning’ was perceived.


As a result of this ‘warning’ NAGTRW by way of a FOI request to Humberside Police enquired about in instances of ‘Bogus Traders’ in the area.

The response from Humberside stated that having searched all call records for the period specified there were NO calls that reported ‘bogus traders’
In response to NAGTRWs question about the same frame of time last year [2015] – there had been a total of 4 reports of bogus traders –

Humberside Police concluded that there had in fact been a fall in such incidents between 2015 and 2016.
As there were clearly no calls in relation to bogus traders on or just preceding 2nd April 2016 – then there were clearly no genuine grounds to need to ‘warn’ the public via the media of anything at all.
This ‘warning’ sent out to coincide with the arrival of Gypsy/Traveller families in unacceptable and served only to cause alarm and and concern by the settled community towards the Gypsy/Traveller families visiting the area.
This ‘warning’ will also have served to prevent families from earning a living.
This cannot be seen to be an error, badly timed or accidental – the fact is that there were NO reports of bogus traders at all
We require a full and transparent investigation
We wish this untruthful ‘warning’ by Humberside Police to be regarded as a ‘Hate Incident”
NAGTRW demand a full and public apology

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