The Forgotten Voices Conference Budapest April 2016

FogVoi Poster

On April 6-7 2016 NAGTRW attended The Forgotten Voices Conference that was held at the Romanian Parliament in Budapest

The primary goal of this conference was to bring together various stakeholders to draw a parallel between the past and the present situation and explore how the causes of that tragedy are reflected in the discrimination, marginalization and persecution of the Roma, Gypsies & Travellers today. Furthermore There will be  a document produced which will serve as a basis for advocating for the recognition of the Roma genocide and of anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of discrimination at the European level.


FogVoicHolocause survivors
Two Roma Holocaust survivors and companion walk through the Parliament building to tell us their story

There were delegates from all over Europe who came together for this conference, we heard not only of the horrors of the Holocaust and the devastation it caused our people, but of the ongoing discrimination and hate crime our peoples are subjected to.

Fog Voice Shay
NAGTRW’s Shay Clipson attended the conference

A copy of the finished document will be published when available


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