Tamworth Herald Agree To Correct Misleading Article About Gypsies/Travellers After NAGTRW Complaint to IPSO

The Tamworth Herald has agreed to print a correction after they published an inaccurate article in relation to a group of Gypsy /Travellers. This agreement was reached after NAGTRW made a complaint to the Press watch dog IPSO [Independent Press Standards Organisation]

The complaint came after the Herald captioned a picture and also stated within their article that the group concerned had been ‘forced’ to move on.

NAGTRW had obtained a detailed Chronology from Warwickshire Police that clearly showed that no force [of any kind] was used.

Editor in Chief of the Tamworth Herald Gary Phelps has since contacted NAGTRW and agreed to make a correction. The correction will be worded as follows and will appear in the Thursday 21st April addition and will say the following;

“In the Herald of Thursday, March 31sth a story reported that a group of travellers had been ‘forced’ to leave Coleshill Memorial Park following negotiations with councillors and police. The Herald has been asked to point out that the group left of their own accord, and were not ‘forced’ to leave. We are happy to clarify this point and set the record straight.”

NAGTRW would encourage members of the Gypsy /Traveller community and advocates /activists to challenge misleading articles each and every time they see them.


It should always be capitol ‘G’ for Gypsy, and capitol ‘T’ for Travellers,

Unauthorised encampments should not be described as ‘illegal’encampments.

All misleading and derogatory reporting should be challenged.

NAGTRW would suggest that you point out the following

“if you wouldn’t dare say it about another Ethnic minority – then don’t you dare say it about us’

National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller & Roma Women


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