The Forgotten Voices Conference Budapest April 2016

FogVoi Poster

On April 6-7 2016 NAGTRW attended The Forgotten Voices Conference that was held at the Romanian Parliament in Budapest

The primary goal of this conference was to bring together various stakeholders to draw a parallel between the past and the present situation and explore how the causes of that tragedy are reflected in the discrimination, marginalization and persecution of the Roma, Gypsies & Travellers today. Furthermore There will be  a document produced which will serve as a basis for advocating for the recognition of the Roma genocide and of anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of discrimination at the European level.


FogVoicHolocause survivors
Two Roma Holocaust survivors and companion walk through the Parliament building to tell us their story

There were delegates from all over Europe who came together for this conference, we heard not only of the horrors of the Holocaust and the devastation it caused our people, but of the ongoing discrimination and hate crime our peoples are subjected to.

Fog Voice Shay
NAGTRW’s Shay Clipson attended the conference

A copy of the finished document will be published when available


Tamworth Herald Agree To Correct Misleading Article About Gypsies/Travellers After NAGTRW Complaint to IPSO

The Tamworth Herald has agreed to print a correction after they published an inaccurate article in relation to a group of Gypsy /Travellers. This agreement was reached after NAGTRW made a complaint to the Press watch dog IPSO [Independent Press Standards Organisation]

The complaint came after the Herald captioned a picture and also stated within their article that the group concerned had been ‘forced’ to move on.

NAGTRW had obtained a detailed Chronology from Warwickshire Police that clearly showed that no force [of any kind] was used.

Editor in Chief of the Tamworth Herald Gary Phelps has since contacted NAGTRW and agreed to make a correction. The correction will be worded as follows and will appear in the Thursday 21st April addition and will say the following;

“In the Herald of Thursday, March 31sth a story reported that a group of travellers had been ‘forced’ to leave Coleshill Memorial Park following negotiations with councillors and police. The Herald has been asked to point out that the group left of their own accord, and were not ‘forced’ to leave. We are happy to clarify this point and set the record straight.”

NAGTRW would encourage members of the Gypsy /Traveller community and advocates /activists to challenge misleading articles each and every time they see them.


It should always be capitol ‘G’ for Gypsy, and capitol ‘T’ for Travellers,

Unauthorised encampments should not be described as ‘illegal’encampments.

All misleading and derogatory reporting should be challenged.

NAGTRW would suggest that you point out the following

“if you wouldn’t dare say it about another Ethnic minority – then don’t you dare say it about us’

National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller & Roma Women


NAGTRW Asks Local Government Ombudsman to Investigate Complaint Against Coventry City Council

National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller & Roma Women has issued a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman after an officer from Coventry City Council made in appropriate Comment about Gypsies /Travellers while speaking on BBC Radio

Coventry City Council failed to act when one of their officers made inappropriate and inaccurate comments about a group of Gypsy /Travellers that had set up an encampment in a neighbouring Coles Hill.

Speaking on BBC Radio Warwickshire on 31st March 2016 Nigel Clews Coventry City Councils Assistant Director of Property Asset Management made speculative comment in regard to a group of Gypsy /Travellers who had recently moved on from an unauthorised encampment at Coles Hill Memorial Park which is owned by Coleshill Town Town Council.Mr Clews made the following speculative comments surrounding the reasons why the Gypsy /Travellers moved on. NAGTRW cite these comments  as being speculative and discriminatory and breached Coventry City Councils public sector duties under the Equality Act 2010

[transcript of voice recording]

“In my view there was a threat of the use of Police powers move them on and there must have been some presence of – you know- other aggravating factors like anti-social behaviour or some criminal evidence-um-where the p0lice would have threatened presumably to arrest them and – um – you know’

Mr Clews admitted he had not received any confirmation of what had actually happened from Coles Hill Town Council, and it is clear that before making these comments he did not contact Warwickshire Police.

NAGTRW have contacted Warwickshire Police , who have been very helpful and provided a detailed chronology of what took place on the day in question, and the role the police played in relation to the unauthorised encampment.

The Police had not either used or threatened to use and ‘powers to move them on’ indeed the Gypsy/Travellers moved on of their own accord and after negotiation with Local Councillors.

As previously stated Coventry City Council like all other Local Authorities have public sector duties under the Equalities Act 2010 that require them to ‘foster good relations between people who share protected characteristics and people who do not share it’ Gypsies and Travellers are recognised Law as an ethnic minority, and are there fore people who share ‘protected charateristics’

Coventry City Council responded to a complaint made to them by NAGTRW, in a letter dated the 7th April 2016 Martin Yardley Executive Director of Coventry City Councils Place Direcorate dismissed NAGTRW’S complaint  and stated that  ‘The councils complaints process does have two stages, however due to the seniority of the officer being investigated I have treated this as a stage two complaint” he went on to say that if NAGTRW remained unhappy in the way in which the council has dealt with our complaint ‘you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman’

NAGTRW can confirm that a complaint has been lodged with the Local Authority Ombudsman and we are awaiting their response.